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Ruby Electrical Contractors Ltd - Energy Saving & Micro Generation on Farms

In 21st century Britain, every business, and farms are no exception, needs to make the best possible use of energy in order to remain profitable. There are now many choices of how to do this. Broadly speaking they fall into two categories; using less energy, and generating your own to cut down on the power you use from the national grid.

Using less electricity
The pace of progress and development in ever more efficient electrical machinery for farms means that investment in the latest, most efficient plant for processing, sorting and drying crops can bring big dividends in reduced energy costs.

Lighting is one of the biggest areas where energy savings can be made. Farms all work 24/7 and when it is dark, light is needed to carry on the work, there is no escaping that. However, with the most modern systems, energy use can be cut to just a fraction of previous levels.

Call our specialist team, or click in the header of any page to email us and arrange a free energy survey of your machinery and lighting systems. You may well be surprised at how many ways you can save energy and money in modern agriculture.

Generating some or all of your own power
One of the best ways to save power and money is to stop using generated power from the grid, and use the energy that is already there and just begging to power your farm.

For heating, ground pumps make use of the heat stored in the earth and reciculating it around your farm buildings. Heating is a massive user of energy and by making the most of what is around you, the savings can be substantial. Our team has experience of installing ground heat pump systems in sizes to warm the smallest house right up to large agricultural buildings. Talk to our experts about how this can start saving you money in a very short time.

To cut down on the need for expensive energy, farms can very often use the space they have to install banks of solar panels. The roof of every building (preferably south facing) can become a contributor to your energy needs, or land that is not suitable for farming can be turned over to a solar generation plant. If you generate more than you need, there are also payments available for you to feed into the grid any power that is surplus to your needs.

Likewise, taking up less space, but still able to generate useful amounts of power, many farms are now installing wind or water turbines to help offset energy use, saving money and contributing to a greener future for Britain.

There are many options in micro power generation, by using a combination of the various methods, whatever the size of your agricultural business, you can save precious energy and contribute to the increased profitability of your farm. Talk to us or click in the header of any page to get an expert opinion on the best method or methods for your farm.

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