Ruby Electrical Contractors Ltd - Health and Safety Policy

Current health and safety legislation is in place to protect all parties likely to be affected through work activities and practices. To ensure the safety of customers, staff, the general public and employees of other organisations who may be required on site, we observe the following policies:

  • Regularly assess the hazards and risks associated with our business activity
  • Provide and maintain safe plant and equipment
  • Ensure the safe handling and use of substances and materials
  • Undergo regular training updates on health and safety as part of continuing professional development
  • Maintain an up to date safety handbook, available to all employees
  • Ensure that employees of other businesses comply with health and safety regulations when they are on our sites
  • Co-operate with other businesses to ensure adherence to their health and safety policies when we subcontract on sites under their control.
  • Meet and exceed legal obligations to maintain safe and healthy working conditions
  • Endeavour to prevent accidents and cases of work related ill health
  • Actively manage and supervise health and safety at work